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Starting your own transport company? Well, it was the childhood dream of DSR Managers Robin and Laurens Desoete. Throughout the years they spent working for other transport companies, they discovered their passion and know-how for planning and organising fresh and frozen transport. That is why, at DSR Logistics, we have our fingers on the pulse of the sector, and we keep our heads cool if a logistics problem arises along the way. But, even more than that, we love a good challenge!

The Roelandt family, owner of one of the leading industrial bakeries in Belgium, and the Desoete family joined forces. At the beginning of 2019, DSR Logistics launched Desoete & Roelandt Logistics – a dream come true!

Our company specialises in fresh and frozen transport and storage. Refrigerated products must often be transported quickly. So, we deliver your products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Because providing you with fast and reliable service is what drives us. And our supporting software system helps us to do just that.

And we continue to grow. Our vehicle fleet has grown in no time to 18 trucks, and we have already expanded to two warehouses for both frozen and refrigerated foodstuffs. That way we can offer you even more solutions for your logistical challenges.

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Using this ERP package, which is oriented to the transport sector, both we and our customers can easily manage all the necessary documentation. From the order submission process through planning and invoicing. In your customer portal, you can see exactly where your cargo is.

This logistics system is linked to Navitrans, and it allows us to quickly and easily see where your shipment is located. We can also quickly and easily check the temperature log of each truck.

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